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What is managed Technical Support?

REEZ Group Technical Support offers a broad repair and maintenance programme, personal technical support and a selection of service level/maintenance contracts. As the recognised national accredited service agents for international manufacturers, you are also guaranteed original spare parts.
In our people, product and service we hope to perform to the total satisfaction of our clients ensuring you are empowered to make more accurate diagnostic decisions, advance research methods and results and improve production performance.

Years experience


Years experience
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Certified experts
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Service desk

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Range of Service and Repair Options

  • On-site service and repairs

    On-site Repair service provides you with the latest drive expertise at the location you need. Your service request is quickly attended to and carried out by REEZ-certified service engineers.

  • Tech Service Level

    Our customer support programme is designed to help you protect the value of your investment by maximizing the useable life of the equipment and the availability of the equipment in your lab.

  • New Equipment

    We offer S.L.A on a wide range of new equipment purchased from REEZ Group. The Service Level Agreements include full comprehensive servicing and repairs, including spare parts, for up to two years.

  • Fault Tracking  

    REEZ Group-certified engineer conducts a fault tracing after first completing a work safety check.

  • Optional Spare Part

    If a repair requires spare parts and those are not available at your stock, genuine spare parts can be ordered from REEZ separately.

  • High Quality 

    REEZ-certified engineers are equipped with the best tools and instructions and follow quality standards, local regulations, and safety requirements.


Training and Installations

  • Free Training

    Free end-user training is given on all equipment sold by REEZ as required. Our technicians provide the training on the operation of the equipment, while the product managers can provide application training. We can also organize free workshops and seminars on various topics such as liquid handling, water purification & pH techniques.

  • Free Installations

    All equipment sold by REEZ Group includes free installation. Our technicians are all qualified to install all our equipment, and, in addition, they have been sent overseas to the manufacturer for technical training.

  • Manufacturer’s  warranties

    Manufacturer guarantees compliance with the performance characteristics specified in the Operation Manual provided that the User fulfills the requirements for transportation, storage, operation, and service set forth in the Operation Manual.

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We can offer competitive rates and speedy service to calibrate your equipment or provide tech support, whether you have purchased the instruments from us or not.
Rafig Bayov
Founder & CEO
Tech Support Team

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Office Hours / Processing / Quote Turn-Around

REEZ Group provides quotations on price and availability upon request. Our Tech Support Department is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer quotes in US dollars, Azerbaijan Manats, and euros. All quotes are entered in US dollars unless stated otherwise.

Please include your daytime contact information (telephone/fax number, email or mailing address) to allow REEZ Group staff to contact you should they have questions regarding your request.

Requesting / Submitting a Tech Support

Spreadsheets / File Attachments / No File Attachments:

REEZ Group preformatted spreadsheet is preferred. Using REEZ GROUP spreadsheet form will expedite the processing and return of your completed quote.

Please include the following information in the SUBJECT LINE of your email:
Tech Support / Company Name or Your Name / Support Reference #

If you do not have a spreadsheet or file to attach, simply type your quote request into the body of your email and send it to us.

Please submit all email quote requests to