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What is Turn-Key Lab?

When planning a turn-key laboratory, it is always best to have one company in charge for coordination.
This will increases efficiency and helps in attaining the desired results.  REEZ Group is aware that dealing with one company smoothes the progress of the project as a whole, and helps keep the client updated regularly.  Under REEZ Group management, all vendors must meet the same high standards.

Delivering a turn-key laboratory means assisting the client from the first steps on and gives support for the entire process. REEZ Group offers only one partner, who is the sole point of contact to handle all aspects related with the planning of utilities, selection of laboratory elements, construction, planning, selection of suitable laboratory furniture, best possible analytical instrument, in balance with performance and price.

Accordingly, REEZ Group Turn-key laboratory solutions are guided by our professionals with many years of experience in the field of Laboratories.

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Turnkey Lab Solutions include

  • Conceptual Design

    – Identifying the needs of the customer and designing a solution to meet standards.
    –  Type of Labs.
    – Space Planning (L x W), Ceiling Height
    – Dry & Partition Walls
    – Site Measurements (Door & Window locations)
    – Fixed connections
    – Environmental Analysis

  • Consultancy

    First of all the clients’ needs and wishes have to be defined and, concerning an efficient aim realization, they have to finalize.  Study of equipment & function of labs, maximizing the space and are or research, endorsing the current regulations.

  • Planning & Realization

    Safety, accessibility, and utilization are the most important factors to consider when developing a highly functional laboratory. Our lab planner or architect creates the safest and most functional layout for your facility.  REEZ Group with extensive experience will guide you through such critical issues as selecting the correct chemical fume hood, mechanical interface, safely storing and using chemicals, emergency considerations, and safety equipment.

    We work closely with Clients’ project architects, facilities engineers, lab managers, and end users to develop a plan to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Lab. Furniture Design

    1. Parameters of Labs. to be considered.
    2. Objectives (Customer needs & wishes)
    3. Work surface material selection & Work place plan
    4. Required Equipment’s Locations & load calculation
    5. Required Services locations (Different type of Gases, Air, Electric, water, Drain etc.)
    6. 2D & 3D drawings for visualization (Plan Layouts & Elevations)

  • Civil & Electromechanical Works

    1. Dismantling / Relocation                   7.  Electrical HV & LV works
    ‎2. False Ceiling Work                              8.  Water & Drain Piping ‎
    ‎3. Partition Work                                      9.   Gas piping with pressure control
    4. Flooring                                                 10. Thermostats & Humidifiers
    5. I.T. Infrastructure (Cabling)              11.  Audio Visual Application
    6. Security (CCTV, Fire Alarms)            12. Artworks & Accessories

  • Integration

    Once the Scope of Work is defined for no. of Labs., Laboratory Furniture, Civil & EM works etc. then the most important part is to integrate all these tasks by utilizing a variety of tools, skilled technicians, defined objectives and proper project management.  In this highly sensitive step of consolidation of all involved parties, huge coordination is needed in order to ensure that the project ends smoothly.  We at REEZ Group has vast experience in this field which helps us not only identifying critical situation but also finding solutions with our expertise.

  • Project Mobilization & Management

    After signing the contract, there is multiple processes involved before & after the project take off.
    1. Converting the cost estimate as presented in the bid into a project budget, and setting Up mechanisms for accountability & implementation of the budget.
    2. Mobilization of resources (Capital & labor)
    3. Appointing project managers/project supervisors for managing the project.
    4. Fulfilling procedural & contractual obligations during each phase of the project.
    5. Setting milestones and leading race against time of each phase.
    6. Maintaining proper documentation to ensure quality & smooth workflow.

  • Execution, Installation & Commissioning

    1. Clearing Lab. Furniture at sea port
    6. Pressure testing, voltage testing
    ‎2. Offloading at site & Storage
    7. Fume Hood Installation & Calibration
    ‎3. Distribution to the desired locations
    8. Balancing Airflow in each lab.‎
    4. Aligning the furniture & worktops
    9. Cleaning
    5. Connecting to the services
    10. Handover procedures

Supply & Installation

Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Equipment Supply & Installation

    The optimal selection of laboratory equipment and systems depends on the clients needs and on its budget. REEZ Group works together with leading and well-known manufacturers of laboratory equipment.  After knowing the specifications & application of each instruments, REEZ Group will procure and arrange equipment’s in coordination with the client to supply the equipment which meets clients expectation.

    In every case the efficient and effective clients` solution is strived.  REEZ Group will ensures Client to provide pre installation requirement for each instrument & commission of Each instrument by qualified service engineers.

  • Training & After Sales Support

    Training is provided by experts in the field. The first training takes place after Commissioning in the laboratory.  Operators learn more when they are given “hands on” training on their own equipment.

    A network of sales & service staff, we provide extensive customer support

  • Special Labs. (From Concept to Completion)

    REEZ Group specialized in providing close tolerance control temperature and humidity environmental rooms supplied to our clients as
    a turnkey system. Complete “single source responsibility” of all aspects of each room including the room structure, mechanical
    systems, and controls are provided for every project.

    Life Science research, Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical R & D, pilot plant production, or full biopharmaceutical manufacturing all require specific environmental rooms for product development, stability testing, and production.
    REEZ Group provide the following solutions;

  • Clean Rooms (Customized solutions)

    We specialize in design, installation, commissioning and provide most effective, architectural, mechanical & control system for a complete clean room as turnkey solution.

    Our project team are very experienced in design, installation, commissioning of clean controlled environment facilities for an enormous range of applications including; Aseptic processing,  Medical device manufacturing, Biotech processing, Food manufacturing & Packaging, Nano-technology, Semiconductor Processing, Academic research & Aerospace engineering, to name but a few.

    We are committed to provide best value through innovative design and skilled installation and all our systems are configured to meet all cleanliness classification.

  • Negative Pressure Rooms (NPR)

    This room is to Prevent Cross Contamination, we create NPR by balancing the rooms Ventilation system so that more air is mechanically exhausted than is supplied. All NPR will be air tight except the door with a small opening to pass air from corridor, For this purpose all areas will be sealed (windows, light fixtures & electric outlets).

    We design & test to make sure that contaminated air should not escape from the Negative pressure rooms to other parts of the facility.

  • Environmental Rooms (Temp. & Humidity controlled)

    These rooms are designed to control temperature and humidity levels at very close tolerance control levels based on the requirements of each specific application.

    Many Environmental rooms are utilized for medical and biopharmaceutical research and development, with other applications requiring close tolerance control for human performance test labs, film testing and development, materials testing, and stability testing

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Rafig Bayov
Founder & CEO
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