ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

With great detection power comes great possibility – Minimize the risk of unexpected coelutions or components and confirm trace components with the analytical confidence of mass detection. Enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis.

  • Intuitive operation
  • More information from every sample
  • Effortless integration
  • Increased efficiency
  • Resolving complexity


Press On to Bring the Power of Mass Detection to Your Lab

Simply power on, and you’re ready to go. Zero user set-up optimization, calibration, or adjustment. Run your analyses−it just works. When you’re done, just power-off

Intuitive Operation

ACQUITY QDa is as intuitive as an optical detector, with the robustness to handle all of your analyses. Working in harmony with your chromatography, it is pre-optimized to work with your samples, without the sample-specific or user adjustments typical of traditional mass spectrometers. For the first time, any analytical scientist can consistently generate the highest quality mass spectral data, routinely without the need for any special training or expertise thus eliminating any need to contract out and wait for results from specialist analytical service laboratories.

More information from every sample

With ACQUITY QDa Detector, you can minimize the risk of unexpected coelutions or components and you can confirm trace components with certainty because of the analytical confidence that mass detection brings. Enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis, eliminating the need to run all the additional assays or time-consuming alternative techniques.

Working in synergy with optical detection, you can significantly reduce the chance that a sample component will go undetected.


Confirm identities, track components, highlight coelutions, quantify low levels & detect compounds not accessible by UV.

Complete characterization of your separation - all in one workflow

Effortless integration

The ACQUITY QDa Detector is compatible with all Waters ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPC2, Alliance HPLC, and purification LC and SFC systems. The ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector is complementary to your current Waters optical detectors including ACQUITY UPLC PDA, TUV, or FLR, or ACQUITY UPCPDA optical detectors.

The mass spectral information combines seamlessly into the same workflow, routinely giving you more complete characterization of your separation.

Process, interpret, visualize, and compare the most complex data, and turn it into meaningful information quickly and simply. The ACQUITY QDa Detector is fully compatible with Empower Software, our industry-leading chromatography data software platform.

With integrated optical and mass detector data processing workflows, you can also interrogate mass spectral data in the same way and same workflow as you do PDA data. The ACQUITY QDa Detector is also fully compatible with MassLynx Software and its suite of Application Managers.

Increased efficiency

The only mass detector that integrates with and even fits on top of your instrument stack. Using less bench space, less floor space and less energy than a traditional mass spectrometer, it fits easily within your existing laboratory set up as part of your regular workflow. Even routine maintenance is minimized, maximizing your uptime.

The power of mass detection in your laboratory
For all your scientists, for all your separations, for all your samples

Resolving complexity

Whether your focus is on advancing healthcare, protecting the environment, safeguarding our food and water supplies, or making new materials, the ACQUITY QDa Detector dramatically improves the capability of your existing analytical or purification system and is your simplest route to reliable, versatile mass detection.


Changing the Landscape of Mass Detection in the Chromatography Lab
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Chromatography Data System Solutions for the Food Industry
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Application Notes

Using Mass Detection as an Orthogonal Technology to Improve Routine Analysis of Biotherapeutics
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Application Notebook: Food Testing Using the ACQUITY QDa Detector
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Application of Difluoroacetic Acid to Improve Optical and MS Performance in Peptide LC-UV/MS
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Applying a Software-Assisted Analytical Quality-by-Design Approach for the Analysis of Formoterol, Budesonide, and Related Compounds by UPLC-MS
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Determination of Low Level Lactose in Dairy Products Using UHPLC-MS
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Evaluation of the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System with ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector for the Determination of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ketamine, and Norketamine in Human Urine for Forensic Toxicology
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Improving Glycan Profiling in Process Development Using Empower Spectral Library
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Improving MS Response in the Analysis of Free Fatty Acids Through Structural Considerations
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Increasing Recovery of Trace-Level Fatty Acid Analytes with QuanRecovery Vials
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Interpreting MS Spectra Acquired Within Empower 3 Using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector
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Method Lifecycle Management (MLCM) Compendium
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Profiling of Carbohydrates in Honey by HILIC-MS
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Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Gentamicin Sulfate and Related Impurities on ACQUITY UPLC with QDa
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Quantification of Mono and Disaccharides in Foods
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Robust and Rapid Method for Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Multi-Component Cold and Flu Medication
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UPLC-MS Analysis of 20 Amino Acids Using the Kairos Amino Acid Kit for Biomedical Research
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2018-19 Extractables, Leachables and Food Contact Materials Application Notebook
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A Comparative Study Using Preparative Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography of Impurities from a Stressed Pharmaceutical Drug Substance
Format:  PDF |   File Size:  901.05 kB –
ACQUITY QDa Detector QC Applications Compendium
Format:  PDF |   File Size:  11217.29 kB –
Automated 2-Dimensional Fingerprint Analysis for Routine Botanical Authentication Using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector
Format:  PDF |   File Size:  317.45 kB –
Benefits of Mass Detection Using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector for Routine Botanical Authentication
Format:  PDF |   File Size:  501.88 kB –
Benefits of Mass Detection Using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector for a Poor UV Absorbing Compound, Parthenolide, in a Multi-Ingredient Herbal Supplement
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Mass Detection Coupled to a USP Method for Lidocaine and Prilocaine Cream Using Multi-dimensional Liquid Chromatography
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Method Equivalence Testing for Sunscreen Actives Using the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS System and ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System
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Probing for Packaging Migrants in a Pharmaceutical Impurities Assay Using UHPLC with UV and Mass Detection
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