DART QDa System with LiveID

The Waters DART® QDa system with LiveID system targets application areas where rapid, real time fingerprinting is essential and where sample preparation is not necessary or desirable.

  • Minimize sample preparation with direct analysis
  • Classify samples with real time recognition
  • Straightforward operation and data interpretation
  • Go from analysis to decision making in seconds


Mass Detection in Real Time

Bringing the benefits of real time direct analysis to your laboratory

The IonSense® DART is a desorption APCI (atmospheric pressure chemical ionization) technique where heated, ionized gas is directed at a target between the DART interface and the QDa mass detector. It can ionize molecules from the surface of a solid, liquid or vapor  making it applicable to a broad range of applications. The speed of generating mass spectra with minimal or no sample preparation makes DART QDa an ideal tool within laboratories where rapid informed decisions are necessary.

Rapid, easy-to-interpret classification of samples

The LiveID software platform enables real-time classification of sampling using DART QDa. Information is provided to the user immediately at the time of analysis, enabling informed and instant decision making while removing doubt over sample identity. First, authentic or verified samples are used to create and validate a statistical model. The validated model can then be used with test samples and generate live classifications. The output is a simple to interpret yes/no answer.


Immediate data output with clear sample recognition and classification of results


PCA plot showing sample clustering

From analysis to impactful results in seconds

DART, coupled with the award winning robust and reliable ACQUITY QDa, enables rapid decision making where time is critical and where real-time sample recognition is driven by the LiveID software platform.

The workflow can aid customers in answering questions such as:

    • Is the sample authentic?
    • Has the composition of the sample changed?
    • Is the sample of good or bad quality?

Straightforward operation with the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

DART, coupled with the QDa mass detector, brings the power of routine direct analysis to your laboratory. The QDa is proven to consistently generate high quality mass spectral data, routinely and without the need for any special training or expertise, thus eliminating any need to outsource work and wait for results from specialist analytical service laboratories.

ACQUITY QDa Detector


Real-time Sample Recognition with LiveID Software
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DART QDa System Instrument Specifications
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DART QDa System with LiveID – Mass Detection In Real Time
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Application Notes

Rapid Detection of Undeclared Active Ingredients in Online Health Supplements Using DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) Open Ambient Ionization Source Coupled to ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector
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Rapid Determination of Whisky Brands Using the DART QDa with LiveID System for Alcoholic Beverage Quality Control Testing
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Rapid Determination of Cinnamomum Species Using the DART QDa System with LiveID for Ground Spice Authenticity Testing
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