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Laboratory Water Purification Systems

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Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Easy to use systems that deliver the quality and quantity of water you need

We design, develop, and manufacture advanced, high-performance laboratory water purification systems. Every system is designed to meet the needs of specific applications, providing high levels of water quality, consistency, and reliability using a wide range of advanced technologies. We also offer full technical support, training, and aftermarket services, to ensure a maximum return on investment and unrivalled value for our customers.

With our laboratory water purification systems

  • Guarantee the quality of water required for your lab application
  • Upgrade existing systems from any supplier to the latest specially developed systems
  • Get flexible servicing and maintenance services
  • ECO Option is an intelligent standby option available for selected laboratory units to help you recover up to 50% of water and save energy
  • WiFi connectivity available on Select water purification systems


SUEZ – Lab Product Brochure

How to choose the right laboratory water purification system

Each of our systems is designed to provide the exact purity and volume of water required based on the quality of the feed water and the nature of the application, while also meeting storage and distribution requirements. The table below shows the grades of water typically used by laboratories and outlines the systems that produce the required quality of water:



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