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Characterization of E472 food emulsifiers by HPTLC fingerprints

Authors: Prof. Dr. Michael Granvogl and Dr. Claudia Oellig Published in CBS 125 The development of straightforward and simple HPTLC methods for the characterization and determination of the food emulsifiers ...

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Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Laboratory Water Purification Systems Easy to use systems that deliver the quality and quantity of water you need We design, develop, and manufacture advanced, high-performance laboratory water purificat...


Identification of Rhodiola crenulata roots and rhizomes (Rhodiola crenulata (Hook. f. & Thomson) H. Ohba)

Rhodiola crenulata root and rhizome is a popular dietary supplement but may also be considered an adulterant of Rhodiola rosea, a drug used in traditional medicines. This method identifies dried root and rhizom...


HydraProbes, reliable soil insight

What can it measure? The big three in soil science: moisture, salinity (bulk EC) and temperature Why should you buy? Are you looking for a rugged soil moisture and salinity sensor for long term monitoring? ...


9 Tips to Successful Immunohistochemistry

9 Tips to Successful Immunohistochemistry Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an invaluable tool for researchers in clinical settings and laboratories. A combination of IHC techniques results in clear imaging of s...


Royal Eijkelkamp Demo Day

Watch the Demo Day 2019 aftermovie


Water Activity: The Key to Controlling Flavor and Safety in Natural Cannabis Products

Natural products for human consumption have several critical quality attributes (CQAs) that are related to composition. If one is not careful, the composition of natural products can change with time, sometimes...


The Unique Properties of Nanomaterials

Nanoparticles require a novel process for synthesis, purification, and characterization, as reviewed in a comprehensive article by Samuel M. Stavis and colleagues at the Center for Nanoscale Science a...


Phenotyping Adds a Face to Complement Genetics

Phenotyping faces, also known as dysmorphology, deals with the effect of genes, birth defects and other causes, on appearance. As reported in National Geographic, anthropologists and forensic scientists are usi...



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